• Faster, Smarter, Profitable Business Decisions

    iOnTally empowers you with valuable and relevant information from your Tally.ERP 9 Database. It renders better insight and accelerates the process of decision making. The time between identification of a business issue and the point at which a business owner can make a decision on that issue is dramatically reduced leading to improved profitability. Back at the Head Office, iOnTally allows the Accounts Officers to peacefully complete their responsibilities as opposed to acting as an Enquiry Desk.

  • Better Control on Receivables & Reduced Bad Debts

    Any experienced businessman agrees that the one thing more important than Selling is to closely monitor and control accounts receivables. Bad debts resulting from erroneous credit decisions have often been found to cause ugly dents in a healthy bottom-line.iOnTally makes tracking and controlling customer balances as well as sending instant payment reminders an extremely simple and effortless activity. A quick glance at the Customer’s Payment Performance Report (for history of delays) or the Ledger Account (to scan for any bounced cheques) can help the Businessman in taking an informed decision, which in turn goes a long way in Reducing Bad Debts.

  • Increased Sales

    iOnTally is also a powerful tool that can help you improve your Sales and exceed targets. The Digital Product Catalog Feature ensures that you are equipped with Product information anytime. Real-time information regarding Stock, Price and Customer Purchase History will help you win the best deal at all times. Anywhere access to Powerful MIS Reports like Stock Summary, P & L A/c etc. and Charts like Top 10 Customers, Top 10 Products etc., achieving Sales Targets will be more fun than ever!

  • Very Easy to Implement & Use

    iOnTally doesn’t require you to invest millions in expensive and complicated server hardware or software. It works with your existing internet infrastructure and Tally.ERP 9 – India’s most popular, most economical and most user-friendly business management software. iOnTally offers you a choice from a wide variety of economical mobile handsets and tablets from multiple manufacturers. It also works very well on the high-end devices taking advantage of their advanced features. iOnTally is so simple to install and use that it does not require any kind of special training and there is virtually no learning curve.